Pearls of Wisdom for our Visitors.

Some Hints For Visitors to Pearls.

First, the main entrance to Pearls is in the rear of the building.  This was done for discretion and parking availability.

Pearls is a BYOB club.  Those bringing in their own drinks will have to pay a small ‘Setup Fee’ which will cover ice, cups, napkins, cleaning up the occasional spill, and all the other things that go along with drinks.

You may be used to clubs where dancers perform on stage for a specific length of time such as two songs or three songs.  At Pearls that will vary based on the number of dancers waiting in line.  So if you are used to waiting for the last song to tip a dancer you might wind up missing your chance.  So we suggest always tipping the dancer on the first song.  She will of course not mind if you also tipped on the second and third song too!

Behind the stage is a nice couch which we call ‘the bench’.  Dancers here are waiting for their turn to go on stage.  They will have to do their turn on stage before being able to do a private dance.

Many Clubs have one set of private dance locations for standard dances and another for more private premium dances.  We use the same booths for both but with a heavy curtain that can be pulled for extra privacy premium dances.

If you want more room to spread out in you can ask for our ‘Trio’ or ‘Quartet’ rooms.  These rooms are primarily intended for couples customers or two-dancer shows but can also be available, for an extra fee, for single customers.

If you wish to have a dancer to sit with you for a longer while and ‘share a drink’ bear in mind that this keeps her, and the club, from selling other dances during that time.  So we may charge a price-per-song for it.  Also do not be offended if she wants her drink to be non-alcoholic.  She is on the job after all.

If you are planning an upcoming party for a Bachelor or whatever you can talk to our dancers about reserving the Party Room.  It is always better to reserve this room ahead of time with the club manager.  if you are planning an event for some other location, for example at the beach, you must talk to the club manager.  For various reasons dancers are not allowed to discuss outside of the club activities without approval.

Illegal substances of all forms will not be permitted in the club.  You may think that we are being uncool hardasses about this, but we like the idea of staying in business and out of trouble, thank you.

You may have heard about what ‘everybody knows’ goes on in gentlemen’s clubs.  Chances are what you’ve heard ‘everybody knows’ is wrong.  Take this as a general rule.  If the dancer says ‘we can’t be having this kind of conversation’ or ‘you can’t do that’ you’ve crossed a line that should not be attempted again.

A little common sense will go a long way to make your visit trouble free.  The kind of behavior that you would expect to get you thrown out (threatening, abusive, dangerous, disruptive, and destructive) will, no surprise, get you thrown out!

Our families and friends live in this community and drive on these roads.  If when you are leaving the door security suggests that we call a cab instead of you driving home don’t be insulted.  We are just trying to think what is best for everybody.