The Best Little Gentlemen’s Club in Myrtle Beach

What makes Pearls the best?

  • South Booths 1 1_23_14Both Topless and Nude Dancers
    The combination of BYOB and local zoning means that our dancers can offer fully nude dances. While other local clubs are being restricted to just bikini dances or topless dances and have required distances between dancers and customers our performers are allowed to get completely naked and as close to you as they like.
  • BYOB
    Tired of paying outrageous prices for ordinary drinks?  Bring your own and have more money to spend with our lovely performers.
  • Stage 3 1_23_14Intimate
    No seat is far from the stage.
  • No Bogus DJs
    You came to see beautiful dancers and hear great music.  We let it play and stay out of the way.
  • Reasonable Sound Levels
    We know that when you are with a sexy dancer you want to be able to talk, to flirt, to get to know her.  And you would rather not have to scream to do so.  Our sound system design makes that easier.
  • Couple Friendly 
    Our Trio Room and Quartet Room are perfect for couples visiting the club together or for someone wanting a private dance with two dancers at once.
  • Aqua Rm 2 1_23_14 Aqua Room 3 1_23_14Private Party Room 
    Our up to 8 person private Aqua Room is great for Bachelor Parties or the perfect guys’ night out.